Website admin Tools For Proxy List and Site Owners

Google Publisher has numerous SEO related instruments for those keen on building their site in the hunt traffic world.  You can discover for example where traffic is coming from, watchwords or more all how Google sees your site.

Setting Up a Profitable Proxy Site

Filezilla FTP Program

To deal with your destinations you must have the option to transfer and make changes to records on your server. Filezilla is a free simple to utilize program that will permit you to do this

WinSCP File Management

This program permits both secure record move and the executives of documents on your server

Alexa Web Information

Alexa at alexia gathered through a toolbar bunches of valuable web traffic information, for example, traffic by nation, top pursuit questions used to discover your webpage, information on your genuine crowd (age, sexual orientation, training and so on), online visits after some time, connections, surveys and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

The youtube proxy site is valuable yet you should consistently recall the information is coning essentially from one source – the toolbar. So if a client or gathering of clients do not utilize the toolbar, their web movement does not amass to Alexa.

Windows Analytics

An excessively valuable and integral asset put out by Google for nothing. It plans to enlighten you however much as could be expected regarding the guests to your site so you can settle on choices about purchasing traffic – AdWords (improbable for a proxy) SEO, augmenting. It will enlighten you regarding the nation the traffic originated from, to what extent they stayed and substantially more.